Tau Ceti Part 3 Update

Tau Ceti Part 3 Update We expect the update to arrive on Tuesday, March 10, between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM UTC+1. The game servers will shut down briefly for […]

Tau Ceti Part 3 Update

We expect the update to arrive on Tuesday, March 10, between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM UTC+1.
The game servers will shut down briefly for the update to be deployed.

New Features

New planet "Calon"

  • Added a new planet to the Tau Ceti system where new missions are taking place and new equipment can be gathered.
  • Added 18 new story missions. The first mission can be started in Earth's orbit.
  • Added 204 new white missions to Calon's orbit.
  • Added all blueprints of existing and new items up to level 95 to be found on Calon.
  • Added new achievements for Calon.
  • Includes new soundtrack composed especially for planet Calon by Michael Schnorbach.

Item "Deflection Droid"
When you choose to direct shots at it, prepare to get something back in return.

Item "Scope Shifter"
Steals a certain percentage of the target's weapon range and adds it to the item user's weapon range.

Ship "ne0n-3 Bobcat"
This cat has claws, and you would not be the first to be left surprised of its reach when it pounces! The Bobcat may be fragile, but it proves very resourceful when it comes to looking after its cubs.

Ship "ne0n-4 Kodiak"
The word "maiming" comes to mind when one looks at the impressive arsenal that the Kodiak is packing: Thermoblasts, buffs, bombs… and it even throws incoming damage right back at you!

Other New Features

  • Deflection Droid and Scope Shifter blueprints now drop on both Vénar and Earth (in unrest).


  • Raised the maximum pilot level to 95.
  • Adjusted the leveling curve starting with level 84 so that leveling progress is gradually slowed down in Tau Ceti. This was implemented in order to make the progress of leveling feel "right" again.
  • Completing the "Earth (in unrest) Pirate" achievement now also requires the story missions of Earth (in unrest) to be completed in Pirate Mode.
  • Adjusted ship/item level restrictions on Vénar and Earth (in unrest) so that Tau Ceti Part 3 tech can be used.
  • Increased Tau Ceti tech levels for battle planet Colossus to reflect the updated Tau Ceti Part 3 range.
  • Reduced health for all Tau Ceti NPC units by about a third. This also affects these units' Cryonite output.
  • Magnet Traps of NPC enemies are now visually distinguishable from those set up by players.
  • Magnet Trap sound volume was lowered.
  • Improved the look of water surfaces for the "lowest" graphics quality setting.
  • Added a new "secondary target" map marker icon for story missions that require multiple target markers.
  • The "Dampner" units in Vénar white missions have been renamed to "Corruptors".
  • Increased memory cleanup interval while within a zone from 15 to 60 minutes in order to reduce stuttering.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would first cause performance degradation and finally freeze the game client after playing missions for some time.
  • Adjusted internal repair item mechanics to counter level difference based exploits.
  • Fixed a bug that led to firepower boosters being applied to area-of-effect damage in PvP.
  • Fixed a bug that caused shield boosters to work on challenge planets (including the RavenDynamics challenge).
  • Added missing Corruption Cloud white missions to Vénar.
  • Fixed a visual issue with blaster and sniper blaster muzzle flash particles.

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