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General Questions About the Online Game Pirate Galaxy:

What is Pirate Galaxy?

Pirate Galaxy is the award winning science fiction MMO about the resistance of mankind against an alien species called “Mantis”. It’s free to play and provides real time 3D graphics directly in your browser. Enjoy fast-paced, tactical spaceship combats, become part of a spectacular storyline and invite your friends on exciting missions against the unite enemy.

What does Pirate Galaxy cost?

Pirate Galaxy is absolutely free. You can register and play for free. No obligations, no personal data, no subscription, no traps. You are welcome to join our growing community at no cost.

What do I get playing for free?

Everything. Pirate Galaxy offers all game features for free.

What is the future of Pirate Galaxy?

Pirate Galaxy will continue to grow. We have a lot of ideas we want to bring out to our fans. The game is updated every couple of weeks. What’s next can be read on this site or in our forums.

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General Questions About Splitscreen Games:

How much data I have to download?

Pirate Galaxy comes with detailed 3D graphics but you can play directly in your browser – no download required. Within seconds you will be seated in your spaceship. Anyway, you can of course also install the game to your hard drive. The installation client is available on the download page and only 20 megabytes of size – also ready in a couple of seconds. This way, you can enjoy full screen and game resolutions up to HD quality.

I don’t like browser games, do you?

Sure, we like browser games. But remember, Pirate Galaxy is not your average Browser Game. It’s a real time action MMO, like you may know from you local games store. It is a full featured game that just launches in your browser and allows you to play from everywhere you are.

What platforms do you support?

For now, Pirate Galaxy is exclusive to the Windows PC.

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