Changelog April the 20th 2011

Here are the changes for the upcoming version that will go live on the following wednesday. New Features New Resources Gravitons: There are 5 different Gravitons in the game. They […]
Here are the changes for the upcoming version that will go live on the following wednesday.

New Features

  • New Resources
    There are 5 different Gravitons in the game. They can only be gathered through mining on conquest planets by winning a conquests. They afterwards can be assigned by the clan leader to his members including himself.
    Gravitons boost the pilot in certain areas.
    Pyrope Graviton increase your firepower and makes you do more damage (lasts 1 Minute)
    Citrine Graviton increases your hull and reduces incoming damage (lasts 1 Minute)
    Micalite Graviton Increases the speed of the player (lasts 1 Minute)
    Beryl Graviton repairs your ship instantly to full health (one time use)
    Iodine Graviton instantly resets all your item cooldowns (one time use)
    They also look cool! 

    Log Files:
    Log files can be dropped by any enemy you kill. They are needed for your clan to be participate in a conquest.
    Every pilot can donate 1 log file per day to his clan for free, every additional log files costs an additional gold fee.
  • New Draconis Conquest planet Valkion:
    Left destroyed from the Mantis it is also a graveyard of a former battle between Mantis and Methanoids.
  • New Conquest System
    The clan conquest ship now can be used but does not have to, it also does not end the conquest if it dies.
    Conquest ship items now also use up energy, the energy consumption is about the same as the system’s rare items.
    The number of Clans in one Alliance is no longer limited.
    In one conquest only 2 Clans compete with each other, they can get additional help from their allies.
    The clan that wins the conquest receives the prize which is Gravitons, 12 planet based Gravitons plus 3 random. The prize is already shown during registration phase.
    The conquest areas and landing zones for all planets got changed.
    The Conquest time schedule was changed, so that there is only one conquest battle per day. 

    To participate in a conquest a clan has to pay log files.
    A simple application is 100 log files. An additional bonus of 2 times 25 can be added to give your clan a better chance during the conquest.
    You can increase your chance to be picked as one of the participating clans by paying an extra 25.
    Those clans that are not picked do get their log files back.
    Maximum amount of tickets that you can spend in one conquest is 175
    Maximum amount of players per alliance that are on the conquest is 25 (so maximum of 50 players are participating, making it 25 vs 25)
    Every “area” on the conquest planet starts with a value of 0. Every two minutes, randomly one of the areas value is increased by 1 point. Every clan looses used Log-Files depending on the combined area points of their opponent.
    Resurrect works now also in conquest but in another way than on other planets.
    If you now resurrect in conquest you will be resurrected at the nearest area your clan controls, you can’t resurrect when your clan does not own any.
    Previous conquest bonus +x% Cryonite now is obsolete and not given/used anymore.
    Only 1 conquest planet per system is being used for the new conquest system, the rest will currently not be used. Disabled planets are: Dante, Remo, Iga, Cosmo, Mercury.
  • New Missiontypes:
    New race missions on every planet, race against NPC and/or friends in the mission and claim to be the best. Best score is saved and shown to everyone that plays the mission. 

    Defend Energycollector:
    Defend the starbase and planet’s energy collector so he can safely gather the energy that is needed to keep the planets and hangars running smoothly.
    Harvester Hunt:
    Prevent the mantis from gathering Cyonite by crushing their harvesters.
  • New Achievements:
    New Pve achievments for all systems
    Complete the new race missions
    + few secret ones
  • New Alliance chat:
    All members of an alliance are in one chat, this makes it possible to chat with all players of clans you are allied to at the same time.
  • New Wormhole appeared in Draconis. Carl Sagan Scientists are trying to figure it out


  • New starter ship, Phoenix, nobody thought somebody really would use it, but well it is better than nothing
  • Drones & scouts now defend themselves
  • New hints were implemented that help beginners to find what to do (How to shoot, How to collect, How to repair)
  • Improved the messaging system for users, all messages (Server message, found item message, mission message are now in a centralized message system next to the chat). Every system type has its own icon.
  • The old hints (click here arrows) were replaced by new animated hints
  • Improved the clan and player profile and changed its design to be more structured and less crowded
  • Added a new option in settings to disable/enable the automatic rotation of the ship to face the selected target
  • Added a debuff icon at the top right that shows how much cryonite dropchance penalty you get on a planet with your current ship and equipment
  • Improved game start to make it easier to understand for new players what to do and how
  • Added several new TUTORIAL MISSIONS:
    How to buy a ship
    How to collect energy
    How to change your ship colort
    How to get a blueprint
  • Changed the look of the promotion reminder window
  • Renamed shop boosters to actual ship improvement items

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a few bugs in the mission CONCENTRATED LOBE JUICE which could cause the mission to fail
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for pilots to ignore GMs and other official staff members
  • First mission on Vega2 should not be cancelled when player is offline for too long
  • Fixed a bug that caused Tutorial missions to trigger the new story mission hint on the starmap screen
  • Fixed a bug that caused ships to very rarely jump to certain coordinates
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the client to enter an endless loading state
  • Fixed a bug in the energy consumption of nearly all Draconis rares
  • Fixed a bug in the mute command that caused it to not work properly
  • Fixed a bug in jail that caused it to not prevent users from chatting outside of the jail
  • Fixed a bug in the balance of conquest afterburners
  • Fixed a bug on vega ships that could cause players to have more HP than shown to themselves and others due to armor removal, this caused them to “not take damage” for some time and “not to die with 0 HP”.
  • Fixed a bug on Earth that caused a Mission to not show the correct name “ADVRESURRECTHEADLINE”
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the AI to not react or do anything for a short time
  • Fixed several small bugs in the server
  • Fixed several small bugs in the client