Update Changelog, November 11 2014


  • The Draconis mission “Hive Ship Attack” has seen a number of tweaks and is now easier to complete.
  • For online clan members, the Clan icon in the top menu bar now indicates when a clan message was posted.
  • The blueprint lists in the pilot and clan profile windows now also show the amount of parts necessary to complete a blueprint.
  • Admirals and captains can now assign multiple Gravitons at a time to a single clan member.
  • The buddy list can now be sorted alphabetically.
  • In the achievements window, the names of “white” missions now also contain the name of the planet they need to be completed on.
  • “Mini” variants of amplifier modules (Blueprint Trackers, Cryonite Refiners…) that last for 15 minutes of online time have been added to the shop (pilot levels 1-15 only).
  • Blueprints for the “Standard Ion Shield” can now also drop from Mantis Avengers on planet Aurora in the Vega system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Fēnix Shock ship to not be able to land on Conquest planets or during certain missions.