The Jump Into the Sirius Singularity

Thanks to you brave space pilots, the Vega invasion has been repelled. Now we strike back. Starting today, you can launch your first expeditions into the new game world of […]

Thanks to you brave space pilots, the Vega invasion has been repelled. Now we strike back. Starting today, you can launch your first expeditions into the new game world of the award-winning sci-fi adventure. We are opening up a completely new chapter, a chapter with exciting changes that will continue to be written. Here are the details.
With the Sirius Singularity, you and your clan will start your adventure in a completely new type of star system, full of new dangers and opportunities. New technologies and a completely new game experience are waiting for veterans of the sci-fi- adventure.

Launch Expeditions

In Sirius, the combined force of your clan is necessary to penetrate deep into the new system. The officers of a clan can purchase a Jump Ship from the clan account at the Draconis wormhole to be the cornerstone of the expedition. Only with the Jump Ship you will be able to explore yet unknown planets . Players can leave the singularity or return to the clan’s Jump Ship from outside at any time. All players who have assembled the alien artifact can participate.

Discover Something New

The Singularity is no common star system. It is constantly changing. Planets collapse, new ones arise. New technologies, enemies and strange locations appear regularly. Suddenly you might get stuck in a dead end, but then attractive new opportunities will appear. No expedition is like another. There is much to discover: thousands of different planets, one hundred different enemies and around five hundred new technologies are already hidden in the chaos at the beginning. New secrets will be added constantly so that every expedition will be a new challenge.

Advance Into Unknown Territories

With the help of your Jump Ship you can dive ever deeper into the singularity and advance into unexplored territories. For this you will have to provide your Jump Ship with energy in the form of Quarcs, a new, valuable resource. Half a dozen different Quarcs can be found on various planets, with their help your Jump Ship can be recharged for the next jump as quickly as possible. With the specially designed transmitter Quarcs can be fed into the Jump Ship’s batteries directly. You will have to work together to get the most out of your transmitter charges while filling the batteries separately: Quarcs cannot be mixed, so there is a dedicated battery for each type of Quarc.
With the Personal Jump Drive of your own ship you can explore planets that are a certain distance away from the Jump Ship. Even though the Personal Jump Drive needs to recharge as well, you will not be punished for being bold: You can return to the Jump Ship at any time.

Fend off Dangers

The Sirius Singularity is a chaos of energy, and no human technology can withstand it for long. The Jump Ship takes damage constantly and when it is destroyed players are forced to leave the singularity and start a new expedition. Protecting the Jump Ship is a very important task if you want to dive deep into Sirius. You can reduce the damage by charging the Jump Ship’s Graviton shields. The stronger your shields, the longer the Jump Ship will be able to withstand the energy chaos. Always keep an eye on the surroundings: The type of damage changes throughout the singularity, and you will need different Gravitons to charge the matching shields.
There are many ways to obtain Gravitons: You can loot highly overcharged Gravitons from illegal mining planets. In addition, Mantis have recently been seen transporting the illegal ores. The scientists at the Carl Sagan Laboratory will provide legally produced gravitons any time for a small gold fee. You can smelt your own Gravitons and make them available to your clan. Extensive preparation is the key to protecting your Jump Ship well.

Explore Planets

Every planet is unique. You will meet populations of different races on the planets, each pursuing their own objectives. Along with new technologies you can search any planet for valuable Quarcs.
Every planet offers a dynamic mission tree through which you will explore the new planet. Once the planet’s secret is revealed by completing the mission tree, you can start plundering the planet for Quarcs.
The biggest secret though awaits at the outer rim of the singularity, where you will face a completely unknown foe.

Research Technologies

New, secret technologies are waiting for you. Elite items can be researched for every star system. But completely new spaceships, previously unknown technologies and even bigger surprises are hidden in the depths of the singularity. We will keep adding new secrets and expanding the Sirius Singularity.
We are looking forward to the start of this new chapter of Pirate Galaxy.

Your Pirate Galaxy Team