The Development Team #02

The Development Team

Fellow Space Pirates,

When we released Tau Ceti in 2013, we soon realized that it failed to meet both our own expectations and—much worse—those of the community as well. We concluded that with a team as small as ours we should no longer be working on three games simultaneously, as this would negatively impact the quality of our updates and prevent team members from really getting into the mechanics of a particular game—in other words, it would stifle development. Therefore, we decided to focus on one game at a time to provide higher-quality and more substantial updates in the future.

At that time we decided that our youngest game Dino Storm needed urgent attention, since it lacked content and had other major issues that needed to be resolved. We also found that several technical issues were affecting all of our games, so we had to take care of those as well.
Sadly all of this caused delays before we could tackle a complex Pirate Galaxy feature update like Tau Ceti again. With events like RavenDynamics and smaller community requested updates and bug fixes we were able to fill that gap a bit. But now we want to make better use of the development pauses in each game’s schedule by constantly gathering your feedback on our ideas for new features before we fully design them, so that they are closer to what the community expects from our game.

Right now, the team is about to finish the development stage of a pretty substantial Dino Storm update, and it will focus on Tau Ceti related updates for Pirate Galaxy shortly after.
Let us give you a brief outline on what is planned with regards to Tau Ceti related updates and in what order we are planning to release them.

1. Ship Armor Adjustments
2. PvP Overhaul
3. Sirius System Adjustments
4. Tau Ceti System
5. Player Controlled Invasions

The next Dev Shack articles will shed light on our ideas for these updates one by one. We are very excited about what your constructively critical minds will make of it!

We hope we could give you a little insight into how our development process has changed following the original release of Tau Ceti, and why we are looking forward towards its reboot despite the delays.

Check back with the Shack for more on Tau Ceti soon!

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