Tau Ceti Part 4 Update

Tau Ceti Part 4 Update We expect the update to arrive on Tuesday, July 26, between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM UTC+2. The game servers will shut down briefly for […]

Tau Ceti Part 4 Update

We expect the update to arrive on Tuesday, July 26, between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM UTC+2.
The game servers will shut down briefly for the update to be deployed.

New Features

New Star System
  • Added new system "Oort" to the star gate network (complete a new story mission in Calon orbit for access).
  • Added a large number of story slides that help with telling this new, exciting chapter in the Pirate Galaxy saga!
  • Includes a new soundtrack piece composed especially for planet orbits in the Oort system by Michael Schnorbach.
New Story Planet
  • New planet "Erebos" in the Oort system has new missions taking place, new enemies must be confronted, and new equipment can be gathered.
  • Added 9 new and extensive story missions.
    • Mission progress is non-linear. Completing some of the new story missions has a direct effect on the starting conditions of other story missions.
  • Added 194 new white missions to the orbit of Erebos.
  • Added 72 new regular blueprints.
  • Added 36 new rare blueprints.
  • Added new achievements for planet Erebos.
  • Includes two new soundtrack pieces composed especially for planet Erebos by Michael Schnorbach.
New Reactor Challenge & New Cortex

Asura Cortex
  • Added the brand-new "Asura" Cortex that decreases incoming damage by 25% while in combat and no more than three of your ship's items are in cooldown.
  • Added brand-new Reactor Challenge stage "Reactor Bay" that can be accessed after completing a certain amount of story missions of the new story planet.
  • Includes a new soundtrack piece composed especially for the Reactor Bay challenge by Michael Schnorbach.
New Spaceships

  • Added the "ne0n-9 Flying Fox" -- The expression "you won't know what hit you" seems apt for this light ship: Its speed and Scope Shifter tech provide talented pilots with a surprisingly long range for deploying Magnet Traps and Corruption Clouds on unsuspecting opponents!
  • Added the "ne0n-10 Gorilla" -- You would rather not encounter this powerhouse by chance: At the same time, it's very good at taking damage and hard to shake off. Did we mention that it also comes with Lightning Chain tech?
Other New Features
  • Added a button labeled "decryption track" to the shop view of previously decrypted blueprints; clicking the button reopens the decryption window, with the intention of enabling pilots to review a decrypted blueprint's decryption dependencies.
  • Added Tau Ceti Advanced ship armor which can be installed in all ne0n, RDX and parsec-class ships.

Changes to existing achievements
  • Exploration
    • Tau Ceti explorer
      • Added planets
    • Grand Wanderer
      • Now includes "Tau Ceti Explorer" achievement
  • Missions
    • Pro Racer
      • Added planets
    • Pro Team Racer
      • Added planets
    • Mission Finalizer
      • Now includes "Tau Ceti History" achievement
    • Mission Pirate
      • Now includes "Tau Ceti Pirate" achievement
    • Mission Squadron
      • Now includes "Tau Ceti Squadron" achievement
  • PVE
    • Mantis Murderer
      • Now includes Mantis-related PVE achievements from Tau Ceti
  • PVP
    • Galaxy Terror
      • Now includes "Tau Ceti Terror" achievement
  • Ship & Items
    • Ultimate BP Collector
      • Now includes "Tau Ceti BP Collector" achievement
    • Ultimate Rare Collector
      • Now includes "Tau Ceti Rares" achievement
    • Ultimate Rare Ship Collector
      • Now includes "Tau Ceti Rare Ships" achievement

Reactor Challenge
  • Made sure that the order and path taken of the spawned units is now 100% identical per evaluation period.
  • All spawned units are now always visible on the Reactor Challenge maps regardless of distance.

  • All fleet members are now always visible on the Conquest maps regardless of distance.

  • Mizar/Sol Defender and Sniper Rares, previously only available through in-game events, will now drop in Mizar and Sol respectively.
  • Significantly increased the damage reduction effect of Allies Cover.
  • Improved application of the Taunt effect (now applies over time instead of just through a single burst at the beginning).
  • Improved usage of the range boost from drones and Scope Shifter buff for several items:
    • Fixed Quantum Leap distance check after the item skill was triggered.
    • Implemented range bonus & malus for several items; listing the affected properties:
      • Materializer, Collector: use distance
      • Attack buff field/speed buff field: effect distance (not on launched turrets)
      • Repair field: range (not on launched turrets)
      • Corruption Cloud: effect distance
      • Stun Dome: range
      • Allies Cover/Lightning Chain: connect distance
      • Aggro Bomb: blast range (does not affect Orbitals or Sticky Bombs)
    • Updated visual effects to represent changes in their range for field effects, if being hit by Scope Shifter or if a range buff / drone runs out
      • Corruption Cloud
      • Speed Buff
      • Stun Buff
      • Attack Buff
      • Repair Target

Other Improvements
  • Raised the maximum pilot level to 99.
  • The blueprint decryption window is now able to decrypt multiple blueprints in one go, if there are yet to be decrypted blueprints required in the selected blueprint's decryption track.
  • 3D Zoom windows now show the correct materials for the displayed objects.
  • Several smaller fixes and improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a potential crash issue that could occur when the remaining lifetime of running boosters was displayed in the shop window.

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