Ship Armor Adjustments #03

Ship Armor Adjustments

Fellow Space Pirates,

With our next update we plan to adjust the handling of spaceship armor in order to better prepare your ships for Tau Ceti. A lot of your feedback went into this and we are optimistic it will turn out a proper update. Here is an overview of the design goals and the planned changes derived from them.

Design Goals

  • Ensure that the prototype class ships (Parsecs & RavenDynamics ships) are the best spaceships in any star system.
  • Offer armor for Tau Ceti so spaceships can be upgraded properly.
  • Add more flexibility to armors so they can be freely adjusted to fit any star system.

Planned Changes

  • Introduction of Tau Ceti armor for Parsecs, available through the existing Tau Ceti hangar.
  • Parsecs equipped with Tau Ceti armor become stronger than Ancient ships.
  • Ship levels are adjusted based on installed armor to better indicate ship strength.
  • Methanoid armor stats are increased for Draconis ships together with the ship level.
  • Armors gain the ability to be upgraded and downgraded after they have been purchased.
  • Include the armor price in the total selling price when selling an armor-equipped ship.

And now the bad news: We are still mending and tweaking the big Dino Storm update we told you about in Dev Shack #2, which means we are not yet able to fully concentrate on Pirate Galaxy—regrettably so.
We decided that we would not disregard our own development principles if we went to work on both games simultaneously for a short period of time, given the nature of the tasks at hand. Art is progressing very well for Pirate Galaxy, and especially the new Tau Ceti ships are a sight to behold! We may show off a few screenshots soon :)

Please let us know what you think of the proposed changes for the next update. We are looking forward to any thoughts you would want to share on this!

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