PVP Overhaul #4

PVP Overhaul

Fellow Space Pirates,

This time we want to focus on something that at first glance appears to be the bread and butter of Pirate Galaxy, after all it is the top most pirate-y feature in the game: We are talking about the Pirate Mode of course (and PVP in general)! Based on past experience and a survey we did some months ago we can see that satisfaction with and thus interest in the PVP activities and experience available right now is rather low. Nevertheless we would like to improve upon a few things that affect PVP in order to provide us with an overall better foundation for future updates—both PVP and PVE. Since new PVE content is still some time off, we hope that working PVP modes might even find some new friends among those who are looking for ways to make the waiting more enjoyable.

We worked through your feedback and analysed the current mechanics to identify what aspects can be changed to make the Pirate Mode/PVP more appealing for you. These are the design goals we want to tackle:

Design Goals

  • Make PVP more entertaining for players with different ship and item levels.
  • Avoid giving premium items an unfair advantage in PVP.
  • Balance the risk & reward mechanic for participating in PVP.

Planned Changes

  • Even out the steep strength increase between different levels of equipment in PVP, so that players can use skill to overcome better equipped players.
  • Add protection timer when landing on a planet to avoid getting killed while not yet in control of the ship.
  • Ensure that “premium only” items do not affect PVP activities.
  • Make Colossus (PVP Battle Planet) available more often.
  • Add Conquest planet to Sirius System that allows Sirius tech to be used.

Planned changes are themselves subject to change during the course of the development phase. Along with the planned changes we will also address other issues related to the PVP elements of the game. We aim at releasing the changes and fixes as quickly as possible through smaller updates instead of compiling one big patch.

The dev team is now focusing on Pirate Galaxy at full strength, since the recent update for Dino Storm has been finished, complete with some post-balancing work.

Please let us know what you think of the proposed design goals—we would like to gain a better understanding for why you do or do not enjoy PVP in its current state. Looking forward to any thoughts you would want to share on this!

P.S.: As we had promised in our last Dev Shack, here is a small glimpse on one of the upcoming Tau Ceti ships :)


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