Public Test of the Sirius Adjustments Part 2 Update, August 10 [concluded]

The Public PTR server is now open for everyone to test-drive the upcoming game update! Scroll down for further information.

Update: The test has concluded, so the PTR is closed again.

Hello Space Pirates!

The next Pirate Galaxy update "Sirius Adjustments Part 2" is currently in the testing phase with our awesome team of testers. The public PTR test will help us find remaining issues and provide insight into server performance. As soon as everything runs smoothly, the test will be concluded and the live release will follow shortly after. :)

No idea what Sirius Adjustments Part 2 is about? Read about it here.

The detailed changelog for the Sirius Adjustments Part 2 Update is posted below.

Please read this before joining the test:

  • The PTR ("Public Test Realm") is exclusively used for testing. It has a separate copy of the live data of the Askone server
  • NOTHING you do on the PTR will carry over to your live character/gamestate on Askone (selling items, spending Gold Coins, etc).
  • Once the PTR is running, NOTHING you do on Askone will automatically carry over to the PTR.
  • Even after the PTR closes, nothing of the progress you made there will carry over to Askone.
  • You can use your existing Splitscreen Games account to log in to the PTR, or create a new Splitscreen Games account through the PTR login screen. Due to technical reasons, accounts created through other login partners (e.g. Facebook) cannot be used.
  • Set your game to English language on the PTR. While other language files are present, they do not contain the latest changes.

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