Public Test for the “Conquest Rework” Update & Feedback thread

Hello Space Pirates!

The next Pirate Galaxy update "Conquest Rework" is currently in the testing phase. The public PTR test will help us find remaining issues, get your feedback and provide insight into server performance. As soon as everything runs smoothly and we could incorporate your feedback, the testing phase will conclude with the live release to follow shortly after.

:info: Please Read This Before Joining the Test:
  • The PTR ("Public Test Realm") is exclusively used for testing.
  • The server is running a fresh new state without any pilots in it. After you create your pilot, it will automatically be given the items etc. which are required for testing the new update.
  • Many elements you will see on the PTR are still work in progress and might change during testing & live release.
  • To gain access to the PTR you may need to register a new Splitscreen Games account. Access to register and play on the PTR is here:

:!: Design Changes Only for the Public Test:
The changes below are only applied during the testing phase and will be reverted when the update goes live.
  • Newly created clans get 1 Mining Ticket instead of -7
  • Max. tickets for a clan to store is set to 99 instead of 10
  • Mining Ticket drop chance is set to 10% instead of 1%
  • Mining Ticket pickup amount is raised to 15 from 1
  • Only English is available as in-game language (translation will be done later)
  • Changed Conquest schedule phase timing
    • Conquest matches will run every hour instead of once per day
    • Matchmaking duration is set to 1 hour instead of 3 days
    • Initial starting hour of the day for the first Conquest battle is set to 10:00 server time (UTC+1) instead of 20:00
  • Pirate mode cannot be enabled

:?: Questions to the Community
It would be great if you can use the following questions as a guideline when you provide your feedback here.
  • What is your general experience in Conquest & PVP?
  • How many matches have you played on new Conquest with what team sizes?
  • How do you like the new system compared to the old one?
  • Is it easy to understand how the graphical user interface works for the new gameplay elements?
  • Is the new Conquest system understandable in how it works?
  • Did you enjoy Conquest battle and why? (What stood out most for you?)
  • (Summary) Would you participate in the new Conquest system when the update goes live?

We will not provide a Conquest Rework changelog at this time, so that we can see better if it is generally understood how the new update works. Most of it should be self-explanatory and you can use the Conquest help window in-game to check out all the aspects and rules of the new Conquest. Have fun and post your feedback here :celebrate: :)

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