Preview: The Sirius Singularity

In Pirate Galaxy players have been fighting the hostile alien race of the Mantis so far. But now they seemingly won a crucial campaign against the ruthless exploiters: the Mantis queen was slain by the brave space pirates. Following this final battle players also succeeded in completing the mysterious artifact. Now the artifact’s secret gets solved and the veil is lifted off a brand-new chapter of this award-winning sci-fi adventure.

Exploring the Unknown

The wormhole in the Draconis system that had been created through experiments with Gravitons and the recently completed artifact has been the target of speculation for weeks. Now we are releasing first-time information about what awaits adventurous space pirates on the other side. The new, unexplored world waiting for you differs greatly from those before: it will challenge your team skills in completely new ways and in contrast to prior systems remains unpredictable over time – it is a world in constant flux.

The Sirius Singularity

The Sirius Singularity is a pandemonium of strong energetic forces. Similar to the Gravitons its structure is unstable and constantly changing. Many dozen planets decompose and as many new worlds get born. Distances are gigantic, bridging places with standard flight travel proves impossible. Enormous jump ships are needed to enter the wormhole and navigate between planets in the singularity. Jumping however takes a lot of valuable energies and charging the drives requires completely new resources. The immense forces in the singularity penetrate your jump ship’s hull but you can shield it off with the help of Gravitons. Delve into dynamic missions to scan ever unique planets for new resources for your jump ship, face large-scale threats and capture your opponent’s technology. Only as a team you will be able to prevail in this environment and dive deeper into the singularity.

Dark Menaces

On your ventures into the ever changing world you will encounter grim new menaces. It is not just the human clans who are seeking powerful technologies but also pirate gangs that aspire toward quick wealth. Even more dangerous opponents are busy plotting and planning: the Mantis seek for an opportunity to breed a new queen, and there is an entirely unknown power looming whose frightening history is second to none.

Valuable Technologies

Sirius is an invaluable treasure chest filled to the brim with new rewards: hundreds of original items and technologies for all star systems are waiting to be unlocked. Daredevil pirates can score entirely new types of ships sporting an all-new appearance. You can also look forward to yet unseen combinations of ship classes. And it does not stop here: tons and tons of further exciting surprises await you!

You can start your expeditions by the end of October. We are very excited about this new chapter in Pirate Galaxy that will make playing the game much more dynamic and varied. Best, Your Pirate Galaxy Team.