Halloween 2022 is Rearing its Space Pumpkin Head!

:devilish: The spirit of Halloween returns to Pirate Galaxy on October 20th! :devilish:
  • The event will start on October 20th at 2 PM local server time*
  • Global boosters:
    • Firepower+ (deal more damage to enemies)
    • Cryonite protection+ (reduced cryonite loss)
  • Rare blueprints:
    • Mizar blueprints
      • Mizar Maneuver Damage Inverter
      • Mizar Mindstorm Corruption Cloud
      • Mizar Mantle Deflection Droid
    • Sol blueprints
      • Sol Shifter Damage Inverter
      • Sol Shroud Corruption Cloud
      • Sol Shell Deflection Droid
    • Draconis blueprints
      • Draconis Deviant Damage Inverter
      • Draconis Derange Corruption Cloud
      • Draconis Diverge Deflection Droid
    • Sirius blueprints
      • Sirius Ancient Damage Inverter (regular/long/strong)
      • Sirius Ancient Corruption Cloud (regular/long/strong)
      • Sirius Ancient Deflection Droid (regular/long/strong)
    • Spaceship & drone blueprints
      • AnIn-T79 Emperor Parsec
      • Alien Pumpkin Drone (increases your ship's hit chance)
    • Note that different event units carry different sets of blueprints.
      These also differ between star systems!

* Askone, Korell, Trantor, Aurora, Kalgan: CEST | Solaria, Gaia, Aeria: EDT

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