Game Update May 19, 2020

Game Update May 19, 2020

Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+2, the game servers will restart for a update to be deployed.

Update Changelog

  • Thanks to the work of forum user daniel48090.3300, the following rare items now feature description texts:
    • Mizar Manticore Lightning Chain
    • Sol Shatterer Lightning Chain
    • Draconis Discharge Lightning Chain
    • Mizar Molasses Magnet Trap
    • Sol Syrup Magnet Trap
    • Draconis Doom Magnet Trap

  • Internal server-side optimizations for improved stability and performance.

  • Fixed incorrect display of Sirius raider and Methanoid faction tags in target list.
  • Removed incorrect blueprint drops from units in Earth in Unrest story mission "A Dark Premonition".
  • Fixed an issue with Draconis story mission "Of Life And Death" where warning markers would not appear as intended.
  • Fixed "white" mission "Find Ion Blaster" on Calon (mission no longer aborts prematurely).
  • Fixed "white" mission "Find Advanced Perforator" on Vénar (an incorrect unit name was used).

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