Game Update March 3, 2021 (Conquest Rework Follow up)

Game Update March 3, 2021

Between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM UTC+1, the game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

Update Changelog
  • Fixed that playing time display in the pilot profile is incorrect. Changed time format to show month & years as well.
  • Fixed the rescue window has hard-coded English text (the text will stay English no matter what in-game language is selected).
  • Several fixed related to the ladder and hall of fame evaluation and sync logic
  • Changed the fill order of the ladder progressbar to match the other timed progressbars.
  • Attempt to fix that the login credentials are not properly stored
  • Fixed that blueprints for the Sol Conquest ship were displayed in the BP list as "sollightconquest".

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