Game Update March 25, 2020

Game Update March 25, 2020

Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+1, the game servers will shut down for a new game update to be deployed.

Update Changelog


  • Improved Cryonite drop amount for Tau Ceti
    • After monitoring Cryonite drop amount for some time, we noticed that many of you still preferred Sirius for farming Cryonite. For high-level pilots, it is our aim to make Tau Ceti a more attractive system for farming Cryonite than Sirius.
    • As a result, the amount of Cryonite in drops has been adjusted as follows:
      • Sirius Ring 2-3: slight decrease
      • Sirius Ring 4: slight increase
      • Sirius Ring 5: significant increase
      • Vénar, Earth (in unrest), Calon: most significant increase
    • Cryonite rewards from Colossus battles have also been increased significantly.
    • Please note that we will continue to monitor Cryonite drops, and may make further corrections in the future.
  • Added Tau Ceti part 3 story mission "Doppelganger" to Vénar orbit for an improved mission selection flow.
  • Drop values of Calon mission units have been adjusted to match those of the regular planet units.
  • The contents of the Mission board log will no longer be cleared when a mission ends in order to allow catching up on the detailed story reports after having played the mission.


  • Fixed Scope Shifter range calculation so it is based on the correct item level.
  • Added missing achievements for Sejmet and Interceptor units.
  • Fixed a number of "White" missions on Calon:
    • Grab Incinerator tech
    • Loot Repair Turret tech
    • Plunder Repair Target tech
  • Removed low-level drops from "Defend Energy Collector" mission units on Calon.
  • Fixed an incorrect spawn event in Tau Ceti part 3 story mission "Gains and Losses".
  • Fixed Mantis interceptor units using an incorrect 3D mesh.

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