Game Update June 9, 2020

Game Update June 9, 2020 Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+2, the game servers will restart for a update to be deployed. Update Changelog GRAVITON PVP CHANGES Gravitons now […]
Game Update June 9, 2020

Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+2, the game servers will restart for a update to be deployed.

Update Changelog

  • Gravitons now have an extended cooldown time of 30 minutes in these PvP game modes:
    • Conquest
    • Pirate Mode
    • Battle Event
    • Reactor Defenders
  • New text descriptions in the shop now provide a list of game modes when an item behaves differently according to game mode, or when it cannot be used at all in certain game modes.
    • applies to Gravitons (extended cooldown time in certain game modes)
    • applies to most "Booster" items (cannot be used in certain game modes)
  • The remaining cooldown time of Gravitons is now being shown inside their tooltip.
  • The remaining cooldown time of Gravitons is now also being displayed after pilots have moved to orbit.
  • The maximum number of Gravitons that players can collect in a day has been doubled to four.
  • Pirate Mode can no longer be activated when a Graviton is still active.

  • Spaceship looks are now already anonymized in orbit (same as on Colossus surface). Also:
    • Active drones are no longer being shown.
    • Special exhaust colors are no longer being shown.
  • The atmospheric visuals of Colossus have been adjusted to provide less fixed points; this includes the introduction of an "eternal night" on Colossus.
  • The target list is no longer accessible in the orbit of Colossus.
  • The Colossus landing zone is now larger, so that landing ships will scatter more randomly across the planet.
  • Pilots in a player's buddy list are no longer receiving messages about that player's status (e.g. landing on a planet) as long as that player is taking part in a Colossus battle.
  • The Colossus battle event window has been slightly adjusted in order to avoid confusion about elements that look like buttons but actually have no button functionality.

  • Made preparations for the upcoming Spaceball event.
    • The new 2K20 Spaceball Fan drone increases both speed and critical hit chance by up to 10%
  • The chat messages and engine trails of community managers (CMs) now show up in a bright new color! No longer will they be facing the burden of being confused with lowly GMs...

  • The maximum number of ships a pilot can possess has been raised to 125.
  • In Tau Ceti Part 2 mission "Battle for Earth", a report has been reworded to more clearly convey its message, namely that players have to fight the Giza that spawns in that same moment.
  • Most icons in the shop now have a sharper look than before; also, icons are no longer slightly cut off at their right and bottom sides.
  • The greyed-out skill bar icons no longer "jump" due to being slightly offset to their colored counterparts. This affected 13 item types.

  • Fixed that Combat Effort was not properly reset for AI units that exited combat prematurely (i.e., avoided being destroyed after having been damaged). This could negatively impact those units' item drop rates when they were finally destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug in Mizar mission "Hostage Negotiation" that could cause Admiral Hornblower and Tobias Planck to immediately open fire on Vicious the Mutilator once in range. This could lead to the mission's failure.
  • Fixed a bug in Sol mission "Fuel Needed" that led to Rammstern's previously unheard of twin brother showing up.
  • Fixed that Rare blueprints were missing from Sol Ancient Sniper blueprint dependencies; this affected the following items:
    • Ancient Normal/Strong/Rapid Sniper Blaster
    • Ancient Normal/Strong/Rapid Orbital Strike
    • Ancient Normal/Strong/Long Attack Droid
    • Ancient Normal/Strong/Long Attack Charge

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