Game Update June 30, 2020

Game Update June 30, 2020

Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+2 server time, the game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

Update Changelog

  • The energy cap has been raised significantly, it is now three times as large!
  • Individual energy orbs now yield up to twice the amount of energy.
    • Collection speed has been reduced accordingly.
  • Collector efficiency has been adjusted so that collection speed is behaving the same in regard to orb size and level across the full level range.
  • Energy orb spawning has been adjusted to closely follow planet levels, with an intended variance in energy orb fill.
    • The more closely an energy orb is filled to the maximum possible value for a given planet, the larger the orb appears.
    • Conversely, the less closely an energy orb is filled to its possible maximum on a given planet, the smaller the orb appears.
  • Instant energy packs will now yield a slightly larger amount of energy.
  • Hyperjump energy costs have been adjusted to take the travel time into account.
  • In general, Hyperjump energy costs have been reduced.
  • Probe exploration Cryonite costs and jump energy costs have been increased and are now based on the location level. The distance to the target planet is no longer involved in calculating said costs.

  • Using items will no longer consume energy on Colossus.
  • Energy orbs will no longer appear on the surface of Colossus.

  • The Instant Materialization cooldown time has been increased to 5 minutes for the second time it is used in a row.
    • Instant Materialization cooldown is reset when choosing to materialize in hangar, or when being rescued by another player.

  • Fixed a bug affecting some star map & hangar zones, causing a few side effects (e.g., paint jobs not showing in the Colossus hangar).
  • The Pirate Galaxy logo now remains firmly in place in the center of the screen when transitioning between login and loading screens.

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