Game Update January 19, 2021

Game Update January 19, 2021

Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+1, the game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

Update Changelog

  • The icons of Ancient items (blasters, collectors etc.) now have a distinct coloring, separating them from both regular and rare items.
Item Level/Effectiveness, Ship Level/Capability Icons
The "level ring" icon we introduced with ship configuration handling in hangars is now showing additional information and has been added to other parts of the game as well.

  • In addition to showing item/ship level, the new icon is colored differently depending on item/ship type.
    • Regular items and spaceships as well as tournament spaceships: grey-blue ring icon
    • Rare items and spaceships: yellow-orange ring icon
    • Ancient items and spaceships: green ring icon
    • Raven and parsec prototype spaceships: purple ring icon
  • Tooltips have been added for all item/ship types other than regular, providing insight into an item's "effectiveness" or a spaceship's capability in terms of hit points and velocity compared to regular items/ships.
    • Tooltips are shown for the larger ring icons in e.g. the shop window's right column and the pilot profile.
    • Tooltips are not shown for the small ring icons in lists because they would interfere with browsing.
  • The look of the "promotions" tab in the Item Shop has been adjusted so that items with and without the new icon go better together.

Places that the item level/effectiveness and ship level/capability icons are now shown in:
  • The pilot profile's "Spaceships" section
  • Throughout the Item Shop
  • In both "Configurations" and "Hangar" sections in each hangar zone
Drone levels are shown in a similar ring-style icon in:
  • The "Hangar" section in each hangar zone
  • The "Drone Setup" window
  • Fixed a bug with the way prizes earned through Colossus battle were being handled; the bug could lead to pilots losing cryonite instead of gaining it. This fix was fetched from the upcoming Conquest update (new formula), leading to an increase in cryonite rewards for lower level pilots, and a very slight decrease for high-level pilots.
  • Made clan cryonite handling adjustments in preparation for the upcoming Conquest update.

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