Game Update February 15, 2022

Game Update February 15, 2022

Between 8:20 AM and 9:30 AM UTC+1, the game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

Event Preparations
Improvements to Graphics
  • New "Ultra" graphics quality setting!
    • Higher-resolution shadow rendering provides more refined shadows.
    • FSAA anti-aliasing prevents "jagged edges" on geometry objects (does not apply to decal-type elements).
      • If your graphics card does not support FSAA, jagged geometry edges will still appear for you on the "Ultra" setting.
    • 16× anisothropic texture filtering provides cleaner-looking, sharper textures.
    • Greater viewing distance of higher-quality LOD geometry objects.
  • Regrouped vegetation object meshes for improving overall performance on all maps (higher fps).
  • Adjusted space camera debris particles to be more subtle.

Improvements to Reactor Challenge Scoreboard Evaluation
  • The formula that determines which of the ranked positions on the scoreboard will receive additional rewards will now scale in a way that rewards are better distributed over a greater number of teams.
  • Rewards will now be given out based on the best performance of each player based on their squad placement.
  • If every single pilot in a squad has achieved better scores while being part of other squads already, that squad result will be delisted from the scoreboard.

Improvements to Cortex Part Storage
  • A soft overflow for the Cortex Parts Storage has been implemented.
    • As long as 0-24 parts of a given Cortex are stored in your hangar, you can collect any number of additional parts with a single transaction. For instance, if you have 24 parts and win 6 via reactor challenge, all 6 parts will be stored in your hangar so that you will end up with 30 parts for that particular Cortex.
    • As soon as you have 25 or more parts of a given Cortex in your storage, you cannot store any more parts for that Cortex. This means that you will need to install that Cortex module in a ship in order to "use up" the 25 parts needed for a full Cortex module before you can store parts for that particular type of Cortex again.

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