Game Update August 4, 2020

Game Update August 4, 2020

Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+2 server time, the game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.


Galaxy News System
Added an RSS-based news window that will always display the latest posts from the News & Announcements, Dev Shack and Events & Contests sections of this forum. There is a section for server-specific community news as well!
  • The new RSS-based news window replaces the window "Galaxy News".
  • The arrival of new posts is signaled by the "Galaxy News" icon in the game, just like before.
  • When posts arrive with the news window closed, these unread posts will be marked as "new" the next time you open the news window.
  • Posts that are too long to fit the news window are marked as being truncated in the lower right corner. Clicking the "Read More" button will take you to the full post in the forum.

Membership Pack Changes
At long last, we have updated memberships—most of them now also affect Drone Energy, and we have added a new membership tier as well! Take a look:

Enhanced Membership – 4,900 Gold
  • 30% less Energy needed for
    • Every Item you use
    • Hyperjumps, Ship Repairs
Elite Membership – 10,500 Gold
  • 50% less Energy needed for
    • All your Drones
    • Every Item you use
    • Hyperjumps, Ship Repairs
Ultimate Membership – 19,700 Gold (1 month)
  • 100% Energy flatrate for
    • All your Drones
    • Every Item you use
    • Hyperjumps, Ship Repairs
Supernova Membership – 26,800 Gold (1 month)
  • 100% Energy flatrate for
    • All your Drones
    • Every Item you use
    • Hyperjumps, Ship Repairs
  • 33% less Energy needed for
    • Instant Materialization
Ultimate and Supernova memberships are also offered with terms of 3 and 6 months.
As before, price advantages apply the longer the term.
  • 3-month membership price is effectively 2.5 months
  • 6-month membership price is effectively 4 months

:info: All Ultimate Memberships will be upgraded automatically for players having it currently active. The Enhanced and Elite will remain unchanged and can not be automatically renewed since they are replaced by the new versions.

Further Energy-Related Changes
Our goal with the June 30 Update was to improve the playability for players without premium items in competitive game modes and general playability. But after giving the update time to sink in and monitoring the energy economy, we noticed that we overshoot that goal. Therefore we needed to adjust a few things to balance it out to offer a good middleground.
  • Reduced the overall energy cap by a third. This means that the cap is still double its size compared to before the June 30 update.
  • Instant Materialization Energy cost increased to be 60% of the energy cap.
  • Reduced the overall amount of Energy that is collected in a given time.
    • Reduced the average size of Energy orbs on planet surfaces.
    • Orb collection speed has been slightly reduced as well.
    • Ancient and Rare collectors have been adjusted to more closely match their regular counterparts.
  • Instant Energy packs now contain a lot more Energy. The smallest pack matches Instant Materialization requirements.
  • Hyperjump Energy costs have been increased.
  • Exploration probe jump Energy costs have been reduced.
  • All drones that boost two attributes instead of just one now have increased Energy charge costs. A full charge consumes 75% more energy compared to drones that boost just one attribute.
  • Drone charging Energy requirements have been increased to 55% of the energy cap.
Other Changes
  • The A101 Armor Drone will now boost your ship's armor by up to 10% (previously up to 5%).
  • The A137 Assassin Drone will now boost your ship's ability to deal critical hits by up to 10% (previously up to 5%).

  • The description text of Mantis Repogrubs on Vénar no longer contains a reference to Imperial spaceships.
  • Fixed a bug that was introduced with energy orb scaling on planets and could cause other objects on the planet surface to appear too small.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the drop chance for the rare Mantis Scout blueprints on Kalabesh, Vega system, to be too low.

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