A Present From the Galactic Easter Bunny

Do you know the difference between Earth’s old-fashioned Easter bunny and the Galactic Easter Bunny? The latter packs the much bigger, much better Easter eggs! Read on if you want to know what’s hidden inside…

Of course, when it comes to out-smarting someone as clever and elusive as the Galactic Easter Bunny, there is always room for error ‒ but we are convinced that our scouts are on to the real deal this year.
Numerous sources have told us the same thing, namely that each and every Galactic Easter Egg will carry a blueprint for the AnIn-S78 Disruptor attack spacecraft, the best Sniper ship ever designed; so it actually exists outside the drawing board!

Known facts

  • The Galactic Easter Bunny will start hiding its valuable eggs anywhere from Vega to Draconis on
    Thursday Evening, 5th of April
    , and it will keep doing it until Saturday, 14th of April.
  • The Galactic Easter Bunny works alone, so he doesn’t own a Jump Ship for traveling the Sirius Singularity. There will be no Galactic Easter Eggs in Sirius.