#8 Permanent Happy Hour Discount

Hey Space Pirates,

Today we have a confession to make: We are not really fans of these huge discount sales like the Happy Gold Time in Pirate Galaxy, mainly because we think they do not feel right for our players.

Here is why: When you shop most of your Gold during discount sales, the regular pricing feels like we are charging too much. Then there is the stress caused by timing your purchase just right when you don’t even know when the next sale will start—if you want an item but there is no sale, you either wait or you purchase at regular price which (remember?) feels like being overcharged. Not good at all… :sneaky:

What we want to do is adjust the Gold packs in the shop to match the Happy Hour bonus permanently. In the wake of this change, we will be removing Happy Hour/Happy Gold Time discount sales from the game entirely.

But we will do it step by step. You may have noticed already that we had extended the duration of Happy Gold Time from 1 to 3 hours late last year. With the beginning of next week, we will extend Happy Gold Time to a full 24 hours, and then at some point in the future completely remove it while doubling the amount of Gold contained in the shop packs. This means you will always get twice the Gold compared to current pricing.

Highway out :)

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