Update Changelog, January 21st 2014


  • In the shop, individual component slot configurations are now shown for each spaceship.
  • Buttons for empty shop categories, i.e. categories no blueprints have been unlocked for yet, now appear disabled.
  • Improved overall server stability and performance.

 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could lead to dialog windows not closing after hitting the «OK» button.
  • Fixed an incorrect description text for color pattern blueprints in the profile window.
  • Fixed an incorrect icon being displayed after purchasing gravitons through the shop.
  • Fixed no message being shown after collecting gravitons on a planet surface.
  • Fixed pilot name overlays sometimes getting stuck on the screen.
  • Fixed pilot name overlays not always reflecting updated information instantly.
  • Fixed the mission board not updating instantly after a running mission was aborted in orbit.
  • Fixed an inaccurate text message about insufficient clan rights when trying to buy a jump ship without being member of a clan at all.
  • Fixed the «poor network quality» message staying on-screen for too long after the game had been left in energy saving mode for some time.