Sirius Adjustments #5

Sirius Adjustments

Fellow Space Pirates,

Pheew—getting the last “PVP Overhaul” update ready proved to be a real challenge! In pursuit of a proper balancing we needed to make complex adjustments that even affected PVE gameplay in the end. Because of the increase in complexity we decided to leave the Pirate Mode rework out of this update and instead do it in a separate update scheduled to follow the release of Tau Ceti. This leads us to the following update order:

1. Sirius System Adjustments
2. Tau Ceti System
3. Pirate Mode Rework
4. Player Controlled Invasions

“Sirius System Adjustments” is next on the list because it will be essential for players to gather the Ancient blueprints from Sirius to be able to progress in Tau Ceti. This update will not be as complex as “PVP Overhaul” since most of the Ancient item balance adjustments—which were originally planned for the Sirius update—have already been made. There will be further adjustments to these items with the upcoming update, but mainly in terms of energy use and Cryonite prices. To give you a better picture of the update, these are the design goals we want to achieve with it:

Design Goals

  • Let the Sirius system mechanics allow players to speed up their progress so that they can complete their blueprints faster.
  • Make it easier for smaller groups of players to acquire blueprints in Sirius; improve scalability so that larger groups benefit more from their numbers.

We will post updates in this topic outlining the specific plans for each change in this update so we can get your feedback before we implement it. Speaking of which—let us know what you think about the proposed design goals for the Sirius adjustments update; and if you already have suggestions for how we can achieve these goals, please do post them as well!

P.S.: To sweeten your wait for TC, here’s a couple of screenshots of another Tau Ceti ship ^^


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