#7 Tau Ceti Part 2

Hey Space Pirates,

the team is very happy that the first Tau Ceti content update was well received by most players. This drives our motivation even more to create updates the community will enjoy.

Since we now sorted most of the major issues fixed that surfaced with the update we can now proceed with part 2. Thanks for everyone that helped to report and reproduce the issues and provided additional feedback. It helped us to track those nasty issues to their root :)

Time to update you on what to expect for Tau Ceti part 2 and give you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback like on previous dev shacks.

Tau Ceti Part 2
On part 2 the story will continue and will mostly take place in lower system planets. (Part 3 & 4 will each will have a new story planet in case you wonder.) Roughly you can expect the content to have about the same scope as of Part 1.

Planned Changes
  • ~ 10 new Story missions that will continue from Tau Ceti Part 1
  • ~ 130 Regular missions to gather new tech
  • Ability to farm TC tech together with 3 new item types
  • Ability to farm/unlock 3 new TC ships
  • New Tau Ceti Conquest planet
  • Improved Sirius Blueprint Rotation to further reduce randomness
  • Ability to situational change existing planets with new units and world events
  • Raise max player level to 91
  • Introduce first armor for ne0n ships & unlock parsec armor

The release of Part 2 is planned for early 2019. In between we are working on a Dino Storm update since the community expect to get an update as well. But this will not delay Tau Ceti since it's already planned into the given release window.

To involve our creative community even more we thought that this time you can design and decide how the layout of the new conquest planet in Tau Ceti should be like. Map Structure, Controlpoint locations, landing locations + radius etc. have to be defined. We will prepare a special Forum Thread where the details will be explained. Together with a map template that you can use. Details on that will be posted soon.


During development we will post more infos and new images within this thread.

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