#10 Tau Ceti Part 4

Hey space pirates,

After a very long development cycle we are happy and proud that we could give you a new Conquest system that we wanted to be fun and rewarding at the same time. We hope that over time more clans will join Conquest battle for cryonite and stir up the competition; earning their fame through Golden Skulls in the reworked ladder system which is now almost out of beta after having been introduced quite a few years ago. We have plans to use the skulls rewarded by the ladder in the future; they may be treated like a new currency… but that is a topic for another Dev Shack :whistle:

A few of you noticed that we were working in parallel on a big Dino Storm update that was released shortly after the Conquest update went live. With these two large milestones behind us, we can move on to the next update for the Tau Ceti system! :celebrate:

Tau Ceti Part 4
With part 4, the Tau Ceti system will see its completion, and it will include a few surprises. Here is a short spoiler-free overview of what you can expect from it:

  • Continuation of the storyline
  • New story planet
  • ~8 story missions
  • ~120 regular missions
  • New achievements
  • Next tier blueprints including rare ones
  • 2 Tau Ceti system ships
  • Tau Ceti Reactor Challenge planet
  • Introducing Advanced Tau Ceti armor for ne0n and parsec ships

Our current time schedule shows that the update might be ready late this year.

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