RavenDynamics Ⅶ

Cross-galactic enterprise RavenDynamics are resuming their resource mining operations in the Sol System. With their extraction technology in place, RavenDynamics is in need of pilots crazy enough to carry out work in a highly dangerous environment. Are you up to it?

“Greetings, pilot!
Leading designers of spacecraft, RavenDynamics,
are looking for able pilots to support their upcoming operations.”

  • In order to apply for a piloting job at RavenDynamics, your pilot level should be at least 60.
  • RavenDynamics is operating on small planetoids in the Sol System; enter a planet's orbit to learn more about your mission.
  • Compete in the RavenDynamics challenge and master special missions to score extraordinary spaceships!
  • Please note that Quantum Leap and Corruption Cloud blueprints will NOT be appearing as drops during RavenDynamics Ⅶ. You can expect the former in our upcoming Halloween event, and the latter in a later event.
  • RavenDynamics Ⅶ starts on September 10, 11 AM server time*
  • We have extended the event to last until October 4, 23:59 server time*


RDA-01 Cooldown Drone
Reduces the cooldown time of your ship's components by up to 5%.

RavenDynamics RDX-09 ∘ “Black Slate”

The nimble fortress -- in the RDX-09 Black Slate, this is no contradiction.
Watch your enemies despair as they try to keep up with its deadly dance.

RavenDynamics RDX-10 ∘ “Blazing Lava”

Red-hot burning rock -- before opponents can grit their teeth on the Blazing Lava's
impossibly tough hull, they have already burnt their tongues to a crisp!

Traduction Française/French Translation => here

* Askone, Korell, Trantor, Aurora, Kalgan: CEST | Solaria, Gaia, Aeria: EDT

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