We Are Celebrating Galactic Easter 2021

Stop the Invasion of Galactic Easter Bunnies!

Planets from Vega to Draconis will be invaded, and it looks like a few of the evil bunnies even crossed the gate to Tau Ceti! Only Sirius is spared this time. Fight the invasion of Galactic Easter Bunnies and get rare blueprints as a reward!

Collect Rare & Sirius Corruption Cloud Blueprints

Mizar Mindstorm Corruption Cloud | Sol Shroud CC | Draconis Derange CC
Sirius Ancient Corruption Cloud | Sirius Ancient Strong CC | Sirius Ancient Long CC

Collect Blueprints For These Seven Rare Spaceships

Vega — SC-SSX Overseer | Antares — STAM SA-X Heavy Armor | Gemini — STAM SG-X Fusion Storm
Mizar — STAM SM-X Fusion Armor | Sol — STAM SS-X Thunder Shock | Draconis — META-SDX Engineer
Tau Ceti — Fenix Shock

Rare Mizar & Sol Defender Blueprints Are Here Again As Well

Mizar Monolith Attack Field Turret | Sol Savage Attack Field Turret
Mizar Mountain Repair Field Turret | Sol Soothing Repair Field Turret
Mizar Massive Mine | Sol Severance Mine
Mizar Magnet Sticky Bomb | Sol Skulker Sticky Bomb

The Galactic Easter Event – Everything You Need to Know

  • The “Galactic Easter Event” begins on Thursday, March 25, 2 PM local server time.*
  • The event runs until Sunday, April 11, 11:59 PM local server time.**
  • BONUS: Global Boosters will be running throughout the event:
    • Firepower+ (120% damage to enemies)
    • Blueprint droprate+ (150% blueprint drop chance from enemies)
* US Server Time Zone: EDT | EU Server Time Zone: CET
** US Server Time Zone: EDT | EU Server Time Zone: CEST

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