Game Update March 17, 2020

Game Update March 17, 2020

Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+1, the game servers will shut down for a new game update to be deployed.

Update Changelog


  • Improved repair items balance when the itemlevel is above the level of the ship
  • Adjusted building assets visibility ranges for LODs on Calon to improve peformance
  • Shield and Protector are now balanced by the item level in relation to the ship level, instead of using fixed values. This also fixes an exploit while using low level ships with highlevel protector shields.


  • Fixed that invincible/protected units could be damaged by the Deflection Droid.
  • Calon (Tauceti) Blueprint Achievement fixed to include Scope Shifter & Deflection Droid
  • Fixed LOD material issue not updating correctly to the defined material. This was noticable on the destroyed Calon buildings.
  • Fixed Methanoid Seperatists in Calon Storymissions not attacking Human units and buildings.
  • Fixed a possible Exploit in Calon storymission Stealthy "Scientist"

Update Supplemental Stardate 2020-03-17 14:30
  • Fixed storymission 15 on Calon "Bit by Bit" gone missing

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