Tau Ceti Part 2 Update July 30, 2019


Tau Ceti Part 2 Update July 30, 2019

Between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM UTC+2, the game servers will shut down for a new game update to be deployed.

New Features

Alternative Earth

  • Added a new zone to planet Earth where new missions are taking place and new equipment can be gathered.
  • Added zone selection window to allow players that completed all story missions from Tau Ceti Part 1 to select the new zone when trying to land on Earth.
  • Added 12 new story missions. The first mission can be started in both Vénar's and Earth's orbit.
  • Added 209 new white missions to Earth's orbit.
  • Added all blueprints of existing and new items up to level 91 to be found in the new Earth zone.
  • Added new achievements for the alternative Earth.
  • Includes new soundtrack composed especially for the new Earth zone by Michael Schnorbach.

Item "Allies Cover"
When the item is used it will connect to multiple nearby allies and reduce incoming damage for them. In addition, the reduced damage is converted into healing power for the item user.

Item "Magnet Trap"
Spawns a Magnet Trap on the location of the caster or enemy that will slow down movement of nearby enemy units inside the magnet area. Destroying the trap will release captured ships.

Item "Quantum Leap"
Enables spaceships to instantly relocate to targeted units (i.e., teleport). The ship that uses this item will also be deselected as a target.

Ship "ne0n-2 Panther"
The name really says it all: This panther of a spaceship will leap towards you from afar and leave you devastated in seconds. The Panther is best described as a hugely powerful predator!

Ship "ne0n-6 Bullfrog"
Do not mistake the Bullfrog for an easy target: It may be slow, but it has a whole arsenal of tricks up its sleeve to shake off pursuers. We pity those who get caught in its Magnet Traps…

Ship "ne0n-8 Wolfhound"
You can feel safe entrusting your life to the Wolfhound: With an array of repair and damage attenuation skills, the Wolfhound has your back even in the most demanding battles.

Tau Ceti Conquest Planet "Cetacea"

  • Added Conquest planet "Cetacea" to the Tau Ceti system.
  • Conquest is scheduled to start on that planet each Saturday at 22:00 server time.
  • Includes Ancient Sentries that should be avoided at all cost.

Note: The new Conquest mechanics will come later and will get their own Dev Shack post.


  • Adjusted ship/item level restrictions on Vénar so that Tau Ceti Part 2 tech can be used.
  • Increased Tau Ceti tech levels for battle planet Colossus to reflect the updated Tau Ceti Part 2 range.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed that special items like the intel for the Ancient Giza could be spawned even when the mission was not active anymore.
  • Fixed a timing issue that could cause an NPC unit to not issue the desired command and get stuck during missions.
  • Fixed a bug for the mission "Grab Advanced Speed Actuator" on Vénar that could cause it to end prematurely.


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