It’s Spaceball 2K17!

The Union of Galactic Spaceball Associations is bringing back their 2K16-style tourney to 17 planets throughout the galaxy. The updated ruleset allows participants to continue where they left off last year!

~ Max out your Spaceball Fan Drone ~
Completing the Spaceball achievements for a star system = instant upgrade!

Spaceball Fan Drone — Increases both firepower and armor rating of your ship by up to 10%!
This special drone levels up each time you complete a star system's set of Spaceball achievements.

  • Get the blueprints for the Spaceball Fan Drone through playing event missions.
  • Event progress is based on achievements. On each event planet, complete the Spaceball mission solo, solo while in Pirate Mode, in a squadron, and in a squadron while in Pirate Mode.
  • There are 4 event planets in Vega, 2 in Antares, 3 in Gemini, 2 in Mizar, 3 in Sol, 2 in Draconis and 1 in Tau Ceti.
  • The event will be running from June 16 to July 2, and it will feature global boosters!
    • Firepower+ (150% damage to enemies)
    • Cryonite protection+ (50% less cryonite loss)
  • Kick-off is on June 16, 2 PM server time*, and the event will be running till July 2.

* Askone, Korell, Trantor, Aurora, Kalgan: CEST | Solaria, Gaia, Aeria: EDT

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