Get ready for the “Sirius Big Bang”!


    This is a transcript of a recent meeting between Tobias Planck and Natassia Ivanova

:D "I have reason to believe that the Sirius singularity will soon experience a perfect entropy flow phase interference event—this is going to be glorious! I call it the 'Sirius Big Bang' because I am most certain that all the planets in Sirius will collapse and reemerge from chaos at the same time!"

"But Tobias… won't our Jump Ships be destroyed as well?!" :shock:

8-) "Don't worry. When the Big Bang comes, your Jump Ships will kind of get flushed towards the exit, but they will endure. Well, at least that's what I think."


    What You Need to Know About the "Sirius Big Bang"
    • Every planet in Sirius will disappear, and then new planets will be created.
    • Every Jump Ship in Sirius will be brought safely to the wormhole.
    • The Sirius Big Bang will happen when the upcoming "Sirius Gameplay" update hits,
      which is scheduled for Tuesday, 22nd of August.
    • See the update changelog for the full list of changes.

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