Game Update July 4, 2017

Game Update July 4, 2017Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+2, the game servers will shut down for a new game update to be deployed.NEW FEATURES Using items on both […]
Game Update July 4, 2017

Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+2, the game servers will shut down for a new game update to be deployed.


  • Using items on both enemies and allies during a fight now adds to an internal personalized "effort" value which is used in determining a pilot's drop chance for any kind of loot (blueprints, cryonite, log files, gravitons etc).
    • "Who does most gets most"—the more effort a pilot is able to generate in a fight, the greater his/her drop chance.
    • The more pilots engage in a fight, the more overall effort is generated. This means the more pilots are involved in a kill, the more items are dropped overall.
    • High-level pilots generate less effort against low-level pilots/enemy units the greater the level difference.
    • When flying in a squad, loot can be shared between squadmates (Gravitons, Logfiles and event items are excluded). Any squad member can see and pick up the loot drops of their squadmates as long as he/she also generated some effort in the fight that led to the drop.
    • When flying in a squad, picked up cryonite is shared between all squadmates as long as they had generated some effort.
    • Effort is tracked until the attacked unit leaves combat or is destroyed. Logging out or changing zones with your pilot will not “clear” the effort you have done.
  • The scanner box now displays an icon for when the selected NPC/pilot is part of/has an active mission. This has been added as a way to clarify that the player cannot interact with the selected unit/pilot.


  • "Active time" of items is now independent from their cooldown time. This means that regardless of actual use, activated items will always be ready again after waiting a set amount of time ("item cooldown").
    • In cases where an item’s active time exceeds its cooldown time, the item can only be activated again after its current active time has finished.
    • Cooldown times are of course still affected by Speed Actuators.
      • Using a Speed Actuator on itself will not affect its cooldown time in order to prevent “Speedception”.
  • Item changes:
    • Speed actuator active time decreased in order to better match its cooldown time.
    • Orbital strike activation time (the delay after it is activated) is now fixed at 1 second.
    • Fixed cooldown times that were off by 1 second for some Ancient stun charges and stun domes.
    • Stun domes had their effect and active time increased, cooldown was increased as well to make up for the improved strength.
    • Shield cooldown times have been increased in order to avoid tanks being close to invulnerable in certain scenarios.
    • Aim scrambler active times and strength have been reduced.
  • Cryonite which is dropped after a defeat will now stay on the planet surface for the pilot to pick it up again for 60 minutes.
  • Energy consumption per second of Ancient items has been adjusted so there are no more differences between item variants.
  • All items stay active and/or deployed even when the player was killed. Resurrecting in place results in the item continuing to work if there was active time left.
  • All items that a player has deployed on the planet (Mines, Turrets, Aggrobeacons, Droids) will now be removed when the player is not on the planet anymore.
  • Removed old cryonite reduction system, since its now redundant with the introduction of the new drop system mechanic.
  • Adjusted loot drop reduction icon (formerly cryonite reduction icon) to show min & max reduction in that zone, since it depends on the level of the unit destroyed by the player.
  • Added text feedback for when pilots try to activate Pirate Mode while in a pod.
  • Adjusted the levels of Sirius & Tau Ceti units in order to avoid unwanted loot drop reduction scenarios.
  • Items that do not have a proper detail text associated with them now sport a generic info message instead.
  • The battle planet schedule has been reworked; from now on, Colossus will open on Saturdays, 4 PM server time.
  • Ship speed and hit points are now determined by the item types installed in each ship. This leads to the following changes:
    • Ancient Raven: Speed -1%, HP +1%
    • Ancient Ghost: Speed +4%, HP -12%
    • Ancient Raider: Speed -2%, HP +4%
    • Ancient Legionary: Speed -1%, HP +3%
    • Ancient Myst: Speed -6%, HP +20%
    • Ancient Punisher: Speed -1%, HP +1%
    • Scorpion Hybrid: Speed -10%, HP +30%
    • Emperor: Speed -1%, HP +2%
    • Hunter: Speed +4%, HP -11%
    • RDX-01 Obsidian: Speed -2%, HP +1%
    • RDX-02 Poenari: Speed -4%, HP +5%
    • RDX-03 Black Granite: Speed +5%, HP -19%
    • RDX-04 Onyx Marble: Speed -2%, HP -1%
    • RDX-05 Marlstone: Speed +1%, HP -6%
    • RDX-06 Veiled Quartz: Speed -1%, HP -4%
    • Locust: Speed -7%, HP +19%


  • Fixed an issue that could cause pilots to become unresponsive to support items after completing a mission in Sirius.
  • Fixed two exploit issues that enabled pilots to circumvent the Colossus battle planet tech and level limits.
  • Fixed an issue that would only allow pilots to rescue pilots in pirate mode when they switched to pirate mode themselves.
  • Fixed an issue that enabled pilots to switch on Pirate Mode when they were in a pod.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause pods to sometimes not appear properly visually.
  • Fixed a buff timing issue which could lead to item cooldown misbehavior and visual effects that would loop indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue that caused sticky bombs to improperly trigger the detonation sound.
  • Fixed Ifrit Cortex not working properly after the ship it is installed in just materialized.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the engine thrust color to stay yellow after leaving a squad.
  • Fixed a number of issues with different story missions (thanks, lsurvivor!).
    • Rebels Under Attack: Methanoid repair units were too weak.
    • Give Chase: Mutilator could be killed, causing the mission to fail.
    • Project Detonation: Bombs would sometimes not attach; also, bombs could be triggered from safe remote location.
    • Mutilator On Lustra: Mutilator could be killed.
    • Mantis And Cryonite: Scanning the Vendetta in order to make it stay in place failed after reaching a certain mission progress.
    • Sol Reprisal: Mine layer could be destroyed from far range without triggering it.
    • Touching The Void: Admiral Hornblower sometimes went through walls.
    • Behemoth Battle: Avengers will now spawn once pilots enter Behemoth range.
    • Lies Revealed: Kraki raider had an insufficient aggro range.
    • The Cure: Mission did not provide proper feedback in certain failure cases.
    • Juggernaut Attack: Juggernaut sometimes stopped moving.
    • Traitor Located: Following the "Mehoth Mirage" could be quite hard.

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