Game Update April 4, 2017

Game Update April 4, 2017Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+2, the game servers will shut down for a new game update to be deployed.NEW FEATURESMade preparations for the Galactic […]
Game Update April 4, 2017

Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+2, the game servers will shut down for a new game update to be deployed.

  • Made preparations for the Galactic Easter event starting April 7th.
  • Added Mizar and Sol Defender Rares; these items will be available during the Galactic Easter event.
    • Mizar Monolith Attack Field Turret
    • Mizar Mountain Repair Field Turret
    • Mizar Massive Mine
    • Mizar Magnet Sticky Bomb
    • Sol Savage Attack Field Turret
    • Sol Soothing Repair Field Turret
    • Sol Severance Mine
    • Sol Skulker Sticky Bomb


  • Extended the names of a number of Mizar, Sol and Draconis rare items for improved naming consistency:
    • Mizar
      • Mizar Afterburner > Mizar Mistral Afterburner
      • Mizar Aggrobeacon > Mizar Madness Aggrobeacon
      • Mizar Aggrobomb > Mizar Merciful Aggrobomb
      • Mizar Aim Computer > Mizar Masterful Aim Computer
      • Mizar Collector > Mizar Meticulous Collector
      • Mizar Aim Scrambler > Mizar Mesmerize Aim Scrambler
      • Mizar Perforator > Mizar Maximize Perforator
      • Mizar Fusion Protector > Mizar Marvel Fusion Protector
      • Mizar Repair Target > Mizar Molding Repair Target
      • Mizar Repair Droid > Mizar Modulator Repair Droid
      • Mizar Repair Field > Mizar Momentous Repair Field
      • Mizar Resurrect > Mizar Mobilize Resurrect
      • Mizar Fusion Shield > Mizar Mirror Fusion Shield
      • Mizar Speed Actuator > Mizar Metronome Speed Actuator
      • Mizar Stun Charge > Mizar Mindbender Stun Charge
      • Mizar Stun Dome > Mizar Malefactor Stun Dome
      • Mizar Taunt > Mizar Mortify Taunt
      • Mizar Thermo-blast > Mizar Meltdown Thermo-blast
    • Sol (community suggestions; thanks guys!)
      • Sol Sniper Blaster > Sol Sight Sniper Blaster
      • Sol Attack Droid > Sol Sentinel Attack Droid
      • Sol Orbital Strike > Sol Seismic Orbital Strike
      • Sol Attack Charge > Sol Striker Attack Charge
    • Draconis
      • Draconis Sticky Bomb > Draconis Daredevil Sticky Bomb
      • Draconis Attack Field > Draconis Dusk Attack Field
      • Draconis Repair Field > Draconis Dawn Repair Field


  • Fixed an issue that allowed pilots who were playing a mission to support pilots playing a different mission.

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