Dec 20: A Pirate-Style Christmas


A Pirate Style Christmas returns, and
Santa's stashes are filled to bursting!

    The event lasts from December 20, 2 PM server time* to January 6 2019, 11:59 PM server time*

    As in previous years, only the A036 locator drone will detect Santa's hidden present stashes.

    Rewards from present stashes include blueprints for the AnIn-H33 Hunter, AnIn-S78 Disruptor, HyAn Mutilator, MST-Y Locust Hybrid, the Fēnix Shock as well as the AR1 Division Drone, A103 Visor BP Tracker Drone and RDA-01 Cooldown Drone!

    On your search, you might encounter strange Mantis units ‒ take the special event mission in orbit in order to be able to attack these units! Reward drops include blueprints of the RC-X-01 Claw, the MST-Z Scorpion Hybrid as well as the RavenDynamics spaceships, plus the rare "Towel Day" and Christmas color patterns!

    Global boosters will be running from start to finish:
    • 150% Cryonite+ (more cryonite from enemies)
    • 150% Shield+ (incoming damage is reduced)

* Askone, Korell, Trantor, Aurora, Kalgan: CET | Solaria, Gaia, Aeria: EST

Traduction française proposée par Fra_592 : ici

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