A Pirate Style Christmas—Make it Your Biggest Haul Ever!

Are you ready to celebrate Christmas pirate style? In order to deliver his presents on time, Santa relies on a gigantic distribution network with hidden present stashes throughout the galaxy. Vega smugglers have developed a special drone that is able to locate these hidden presents, but the Mantis have intercepted the drone shipments at planet Aurora.

Use the A036 Locator Drone to Find Santa’s Hidden Present Stashes

Natassia Ivanova

“Click here. I will show you how to get the locator drone!”

Now lasts 6 times longer!

What Every Pilot Needs to Know Right Now

  • “A Pirate Style Christmas” starts on December 16 2016, 14:00 local server time* and runs until January 1 2017, 23:59 local server time*.
  • The A036 locator drone mission sets off from the orbit of planet Aurora in the Vega system; be sure to check the event window in game for further details!
  • Rewards from present stashes include blueprints for the AnIn-H33 Hunter, AnIn-S78 Disruptor, HyAn Mutilator, MST-Y Locust Hybrid, and the Fēnix Shock!
  • On your search, you might encounter strange Mantis units ‒ take the special event mission in orbit in order to be able to attack these units! Reward drops include RavenDynamics and Mantis spaceship blueprints, the rare “Towel Day” and Christmas color patterns!

* US Server Time Zone: EST | EU Server Time Zone: CET